Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Honestly, you deserve grattitude from me everyday. Though I give you more attitude than you’d like, I have to take the next few incomparable moments to thank for everything.

I think of what pressure it must be and must have been raising a child. The infinite financial, physical, and emotional efforts  were a constant investment in giving life and continuing to provide life for your children to be complete best of your ability with every resource you had/have. Children, plural. Not just one!

What a gift you had given with the struggles you went through and still go through to give and give and still give everything you have for me.

The craziest thing is unconditional love. Through anything and everything, you continue to love me, which is more giving on your end. I take and take and take and you give more, willingly. Whether I’m successful or even more successful, you’ll still love me. I can only try to model your approach to life.

The crazier thing than the craziest thing is that thing where you are always right. Yeah, I’ll admit it finally. A lesson I could have learned a long time ago. Enough on that topic.

It was easy to know what I’d like to write about for my first blog. I wrote about the driving force in my life, my parents.

Of course, I do live an unhealthy, ever-lasting struggle to constantly impress you (see section on unconditional love for evidence of my irrationality).

You sacraficed your time, your hair, and that house in Maui for me.

I hope I made it worth your while. I only hope I can live up to your legacy.

Everything I am and everything I do is thanks to you. Based on your idea of me, I’m not sure if you take that offensively. I have the best intentions, and I love you both.

Thank you.