It’s a warm Sunday night with the company and weather shared. As a touchdown is scored according to the television, someone shouts, why haven’t we ordered pizza yet? And why not pizza? Innocent enough. No controversy in the decision. No bringing up that Stephanie is a vegetarian and grandma thinks she’s a hippy Atheist.

So you order the pizza. Unbeknownst to you and your peers, you’ll be destined to have pizza in some form for the rest of the week until you break the Pizza Curse.

You’ll have it Sunday. You’ll still enjoy leftovers Monday. Another group you associate with will have it on Tuesday. You have leftovers on Wednesday. You’ll go to a birthday party on Thursday. And some punk co-worker in the office will think it’s a great idea to bring everyone pizza, because it’s a safe food choice.

…and you’ll have frozen Digiorno on Saturday.

To cook that frozen pizza, you’ll put it in the oven and forget to set the timer. Then you’ll look at the box approximately 5 minutes later and do serious math to estimate how long the pizza has been in the oven and how long it has to cook.

And you’re cursed.