1. You awake unaware of your location and what had happened.

Shared phrases: What happened? How did I end up here? Where are my shoes?

According to many sources, memory loss is associated with demonic    possession and love.

2. Your head spins 360 degrees and you often pull your hair out.

3. Your friends try to exercise exorcise you.

Your friends often ask the “demon’s” name and pray to God for the demon to leave.

4. Your friends and family don’t know “which Amy they are talking to”.

You’ll have several mood swings and personality shifts.

4. Science cannot explain both rare phenomenons. Some are in disbelief of both’s existence.

5. Both demonic possession and love end in a ceremony taking place in a church.

6. Both are considered mental diseases.

7. According to many sources, both are associated with random weight loss and weight gain.