Let’s just get into it:

1. Tooth decay and losing a loved one resemble a painful, dull pain inside.

2. Pain is only temporarily subsided after various coping mechanisms: pain killers, eating more sweets, singing loudly while crying in your car, etc.

3.  You’ll search Google endlessly for cheaper/easier answers as to why/what to do now.

4. If not treated, it will eventually affect the rest of your body/mind/living relationships.

5. If not treated well, it can lead to death.

6. Neither can be predicted, and we rarely accept their occurrence as true.

7. You are left with a cold and sensitive cavity in your body, making normal tasks unusually painful. So you try to fill that cavity with various coping mechanisms like food or alcohol, but those just make the cavity deepen and more sensitive. You’re afraid to seek help through a specialist. So you try other coping mechanisms and you tell yourself everything is fine, ignoring the pain as it grows. But the pain will be back, with other symptoms, until you eventually don’t remember a time when you didn’t live with this dull and unforgiving pain. It keeps you up at night and you have no appetite. And you see a specialist and sometimes the waiting was too long. And sometimes it just takes longer to recover.

8. We learn from the past and take better care of the others we still have in our lives.