Commitment: Difficult to spell and even more difficult to understand.

Commitment is dedication to an activity, person, or cause.

We constantly find ourselves in a state of commitment or in search of commitment. We long for it, we beg on one knee for it, and we underestimate it.

Commitment is seductive and alluring with its promises of “this will solve everything” and social acceptance.

We rush into all sorts of commitments, believing and trusting that is it right without taking into consideration the long-term effects. Why think about the long-term when the short-term effects are so blindingly splendid?

We’ll quickly jump into (in no particular order):
Student Loans
Large purchases (requiring other loans)
The decision/not decision to have kids

Is it that we feel we need to act quickly on these large decisions? Do we feel we have given them enough thought and understand the consequences? Do we feel safety and comfort in these agreements? Do we feel a sense of belonging into something bigger than ourselves such as tradition? Or do we become addicted to the sensation of a long commitment?