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I recently participated in an amazing experience, one I will never forget.

My script, Married to Marriage, was chosen for an Arizona Women’s Theatre Pandora Festival Showcase. This festival featured many local writers and actors with the help of this wonderful theatre company. It was an honor to be a  part of the list of talent involved. It was a surreal moment to see my play and to dream of calling myself a writer or a playwright someday.

This experience allowed me to be creative and brought my work to life, which was definitely something I got to cross off of a bucket list. I would encourage all to take the risks to be creative and submit to your local performance facilities, or audition for the facility you have always admired.

You can read more about the past event on Stage Mom Musings Blog. Her blog reviews some great performances and offers insight on the performing arts. It’s a great blog and an interesting read throughout.

Support local Arizona talent and performance by checking out Arizona Women’s Theatre’s website.

I’ve attached my play at the bottom of this blog if you are interested! Let me know what you think!

Married to Marriage

Married to Marriage is about a couple that decides to make a bet that involves wearing the other’s shoes in a metaphorical sense, but just for one day. The two are at opposite ends as far as idealism and realism in this 10 minute play.