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March 2013

Let’s start with what you’re going through in the present.

Sometimes it feels like life grabs us, suffocating us with severity and wringing us dry of choice or decision.

And sometimes we have to know what is in our control and to take responsibility for the small amount of decisions we can make.

You’ve experienced this, the power of decision and the helplessness of others’ decisions.

Let’s focus on the future.

Whatever cards you’ve been dealt, your purpose now is to make the best of them. Know when to stay and know when to take risks based on your most recent experiences.

Do not let the struggles you have been through go to waste. Learn from them and fill them with purpose. Make them worth your while. Make them worth your tears so there will be less in the future.

Know your limits and know what you can control.

Understand that you are competent and you are deserving of love. Sometimes it is easy to forget. And the times we forget these simple truths are the most vulnerable times in our lives where we are most easily swayed and taken advantage.

Know that you have a supportive group of people in your social circle that care.

The times that we forget of our supportive social circle are the times they are in most need of us.

When you feel lost, start giving again. Opportunities grow from what efforts you give.

You will grow to be a strong person, a respected person. And if you believe that, all others will follow suit.