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I recently had the opportunity to take myself out to dinner and a movie.

On my misadventure, I noticed some pretty interesting benefits to some “me-time”.

1. Eating at a table for one allows you to answer several questions from people.

Do you know when your other party will arrive? Did you need more chips and salsa? Are you at the right Macayo’s?

2. Sitting alone gives you an opportunity to eat without apprehension, allowing yourself to shove many more chips into your face than you even thought possible.

I’ll take that chip refill, please.

3. My evening sans people was actually full of interesting unwanted interactions with people.

Do you have any change? Miss, what time is it? Are you finished with those chips?

4. You get your choice on the night’s activities.

 You choose where to eat, what movie to see, and where to cry alone!

5. During your time alone, you’ll get to catch up on people-watching.

You’ll see 8 kids walk into Coldstone screaming I WANT MAC AND CHEESE, kids with headphones in their ears at dinner while they play on their iPhone that I didn’t get until I was 22, and you’ll even get to see a couple break-up!

6. You can pretend to be someone else!

I went around with a Southern accent pretending I was new in town after recently escaping an abusive relationship with my step-mother. Yeah, I was pretending. That was completely fiction. Heh. 

7. Spending time alone allowed me to reflect on my recent Television Show friends.

I really want Snow White and Prince Charming to find each other in Once Upon a Time, but THE STUPID EVIL QUEEN KEEPS GETTING IN THE WAY–HOW IS SHE EVERYWHERE–WHAT THE F?!

I’d highly recommend a night out by yourself. You get to appreciate your company when you have them, and you get to appreciate yourself and the company you can give to others.