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I’ll be moving in June, and I have a big interest in saving as much money as I can. I already know the cost will include much of my time, but I want to minimize the amount of resources spent on the move.

Here are some ways to save on your next move:

1. Packing it up

Reuse boxes from your past moves or others’ past moves. My most successful gathering of boxes is from retail stores. Retail stores recycle their boxes, so they’re happy to give them to you for free.

2. Transportation of Yo’ Junk

Yes, it’s an arduous task to move everything.

First off, minimize the amount of stuff you currently have before you move it and never use it again. Think of donating anything or throwing it out.

Instead of hiring movers, use this time as an opportunity to bond with family and friends. Buy them lunch after they help you move.

Instead of renting a truck, borrow a friend’s truck. Again, bribe them with food. Maybe your friends like Red Robin. Now’s your chance to learn if they do!

3. Create a Money Diet

Outline in an Excel Spreadsheet the money coming in and the money needed for bills. Make sure to plan your move-out accordingly. Be wary in committing to high rent with an unforeseeable income, although tempting. Remember that commitment is sometimes a rush and spontaneous. Thoroughly look over reviews of the apartment or home or neighborhood. Also check the move-in costs for your future place. Sometimes there are administrative fees, deposits, and breathing fees. Research all the fees involved in the move-in process. This will save you money in the long-run.

4. Ditch the Money Pits

While going over your new money diet, get rid of any unnecessary purchases and expenses. Where is all your money going?

Credit card interest? Purses? Starbucks? Clothes? Get rid of it. It’s holding you back.

What are some other ways we can save money when moving? What do you do for furniture and food?

Also, who’s available mid-June* in Arizona to move me from the first** floor***? Free lunch is involved****.

*It’s late June.

**It’s the second floor.

***It’s actually the third floor.

****It’s not.