We’ve all been there. It’s the end of the day with zero resources to pour into any obstacle as you’re just trying to complete your night in peace. However, someone didn’t record your favorite show for you and it’s the ONE thing you ask! Or you’re driving home on a familiar route and someone is taking FOREVER to turn!

1. Perspective

Probably one of the best things you can do is rotate your perspective just a tad. Look behind the wheel of your transgressor instead of yelling at the driver.

2. Gratitude

Change that bad attitude into gratitude. Instead of being frustrated, see if you can name something you are thankful for within the situation.


Person A: Why didn’t you record Cake Boss!? They made a cake for the president of Mexico and I wanted to see how they got it across the border!

Person A with Gratitude: Hey, I should just be thankful for someone to talk to and the technology of TIVO! And TV! And electricity! 

3. Blame Blame for your Perpetual Problems

Every time you blame someone, a baby platypus cries. 

Blame puts a metaphorical blinder on so that every word is received through a filter of blame, and everything you hear will try to fuel your perception of blame. You’ll only be listening for evidence of blame.

If we take a step back, we’ll be able to think more clearly about the situation.


Person A: Why didn’t you record my petty show Cake Boss?

Cue the baby platypus crying.

Person A sans Blame: Oh, I’ll just catch that same episode in probably an hour on the same channel, or I could easily find it online!

4. Think of Platypus

Firstly, you can’t maintain frustration with a platypus in mind. It’s a fact. Think of their duck bill, webbed feet, and badger-like body. If there were a specific purpose for their existence, it would be to ease human frustration just with the mere thought of them.

5. Count to 10

Literally give yourself a time out before you do anything stupid. 

That was a really great decision and I stand by my impulsive acts.-Said no one ever.

Giving yourself just those 10 seconds lowers your frustration and allows you to lower the stakes in the situation. While counting, re-think on numbers 1, 2, 3, and ESPECIALLY 4.